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welcome to skaterhaircuts.com on this website you will find a number of images of skater haircuts and hair styles for both females and males. we strongly suggest you check our hair gallery located on the top nav bar in order to see the most updated hairstyles added to the website.

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Skater girl haircuts

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Skater girl haircuts have usually a very tasseled look with a lot of texturizing going throughout it. It looks like asyncronous hair cuts are more popular amongst skater girl haircuts, those being their favorite.  Normally skater girl haircuts tend to be more or less razor cuts, or more simply put just strongly texturized haircuts.

The haircuts that skater girls prefer are usually very layered and aren?t easy to perform; when walking into a stylist?s shop you?ve got to let him or her know upfront that you?re interested in doing a bit more of a disconnect. The reason why skater girl haircuts are so layered is because skater girls want more room to play with their hair. One thing to note, skater girl haircuts aren?t easy to keep, meanin that once you?ve got the haircut you have to work with it eevery day. This can be done using a regular brush, a hair dryer and some patience. To obtain a texturized look you?ll need to use Tthreads by Sebastian.

Skater girl haircuts look and feel amazing but are very hard to maintain because of their complexity.

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Skater boy gallery

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Skater Clothes

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During the late 1970s, skating was not only a popular activity all over the world, but a matter of attitude. In America, the West Coast was the common scenery to showcase howskaters enjoyed an easy going lifestyle rolling down the main streets and boulevards in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Malibu, and San Diego, often portrayed by popular singers and musicians of those years.

Today you can have fun skating in style with the modern skater clothes that are do not limit your choices to a particular look and feel, but offer you a wide clothing variety to let you mix and match every item to build your own and unique skating style. From lined jackets and sweatshirts to lady?s shorts, tops, skirts and dresses, there is a skating fashion world waiting for you to be discovered.

Skater clothes stores also offer you accessories such as wristbands, hats, beanies, skateboard helmets, shoes, and boots for your convenience.

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Skater shoes

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Fashionable and funny, skater shoes are designing to make of your skating time a more enjoyable experience providing adequate feet support, including all-weather protection like the DVS Transom Snow model. Some skater shoes models are based on soccer shoes with slick design such as the low profile Adidas Ciero shoes.

There are signature model in skater shoes for those persons who dare for more. The Element Darrel by Darrell Stanton is a good example of top selling skating-wear. Some pro skater shoes model are quite famous by their brand name, including the Element Omahigh Shoes, part of the e Conscious Connection Collection by Vagrant.

Slip-on skater shoes are mostly popular among female skaters, although many guys love their popular checkers design that matches with almost any skater clothes. Laced slip-on?s are more traditional and simple skater shoes that are the favorite of people who practice other sports at a time.

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Skater Haircuts

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There are no actual skater haircuts per se; however, there are different styles that have been associated with skaterboarders. When looking for a skater haircut, you can find styles that offer long hair, spiked hair, and even very short asymmetric styles.

The main idea is that the skater haircut is one that will give the individual their own look and style such as Punk Fohawk for guys. This style is spiked on top and rather long down the back to just above the collar whereas both sides above the ear to the spiked top is practically shaved off or very low cut.

The Long Mohawk hairstyle is another choice for skaters. The spiked top is very long and does not stand straight up but in a messy sort of way this way and that, with short sides and back.

The Sexy Short Cut is also daring. The hair is cut short all over with the bangs being cut at an angle so one side of the bangs is longer than the other. The rest of the hair is very short and is normally slicked down with gel.

For girl skaters, the asymmetrical short cut is often the favorite. This style has a bit longer hair on top, bangs cut similar to the sexy short cut for guys, with the underneath hair cut shorter with the above hair hanging over. Sideburns are also a big deal with this style.

As you can see, skater haircuts come in a wide range of styles and it is up to the skater themselves as to the style they prefer. The idea is to show your own unique style through your skater haircut. Try looking through various magazines or watch skaters on television until you find the skater haircut you desire.

If your looking for ideas then why not check out our skater boy gallery and skater girl gallery we have loads of photos for you to view of both skater girls and skater boys.

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